About Sunny People


“A mobile phone is one core breakthrough technology; it won’t end malaria by itself, but it can make it possible for a mother whose child is dying of malaria to access a community health worker to ensure that her child gets the emergency treatment it needs to stay alive”
Jeffrey Sachs, special advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General


One of the most common phone charging solutions in rural areas of East Africa is a car battery. The car battery is every once in a while transported to a generator powered from fossil fuel for re-charging. This charging solution is neither environmental friendly nor sustainable. And on top of that, it contributes to emissions of CO2.


Sunny People is changing all of this.


With our solar powered solution, mobile phone charging is becoming much more easy to access for people in rural areas of East Africa. Sunny People provides our solar powered chargers to rural entrepreneurs, enabling them to start a green mobile phone charging business and earn a substantial amount of money.